Thursday, January 24, 2008

has it been that long?

i know what you are thinking.. who is that guy? right? we dont see him often enough! but we do love him.. and his great travel stories so every few months we take the time to catch up with keno paintdawg. on tuesday night kyle and i met him at del frisco's for an amazing dinner and a bottle of wine (or two). after dinner we made our way to the cigar lounge in the restraraunt. we did a little people watching.. and a lot of catching up. we had our normal discussion about 'the perfect girl' my last post about kenny which was in june -- cant believe its been that long (we did see him at a charity event in the fall..but still) -- that post i predicted that he would one day run away with some latino princess. well, it seems that has been narrowed down to an argentinian princess... at least for now. we are glad he's picked a maybe he will pick a girl. doubt it. but im sure he will keep traveling..and 'looking' for the right one. anyway, before the night was over.. the small town had come out in all 3 of us a bit and we had the the pianist singing amarillo by mornin. greatness! cant wait to do it again! we agreed that we would see each other before the end of april. we will see about that.. but hey, at least we have a goal. love me some KPS!!!
oh.. and special thanks to auntie cole & uncle derek for hanging out with the little k's! they had a blast and we owe ya!

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