Friday, January 18, 2008


a funny story to remember this week..

on sunday evening, post the dallas 'one and done-ers', terminator: the sarah connor chronicles came on fox. it started about the time kyle finally took his face out of his hands and rejoined the living... personally i thought it was gonna be stupid - but im a girl. however, kennedy wanted to watch. she climbed up on the sofa next to daddy and started asking questions. what is a terminator? who is sarah connor? is this a true story? i think it was a very good distraction for kyle. something to focus on instead of pouting.. so he tried to explain. then.. he got his coat and shoes. i asked where he was going. 'to walmart.. to buy the terminator movies. she's gonna have to see them to understand.' oh the things girls and their dads bond over. he was only able to find the first one. did you realise it was filmed in 1984? ..15 years before she was born. they stayed up way past her bedtime to watch it. i heard her say a few things that made me giggle.

'why is her shirt tucked in?' thats funny! why were our shirts tucked in??

then kyle asked her how she felt about sarah's hair. she said '..its totally a mess! it must have been awesome just to get out of bed and go.' it is funny that people worked so hard to make their hair so bad.

i also heard her say 'is that guy really the governor of california?' how do you explain that one? no blaming that on the 80's.

anyway.. i think they are hooked. im sure we will be making a trip to best buy this weekend to find the other movies. hopefully the series isnt canceled in the next month.

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Shada said...

That's too funny. Leave it to Kennedy to notice EVERYTHING!