Thursday, January 3, 2008

new years eve 2007

for new years eve this year.. we decided, once again, to stay in. we were invited to a party or two..and to go out. but it just seems like staying home with your closest friends is the right way to start a new year these days. nick and jenny drove up from was great to see you guys! there was a lot of back and forth all weekend on trying to get them here ..but im so glad they could make it! they arrived just as the last daycare kid left. korb and dalton played together for a couple of hours so well.. then korb got a little rough. not always such a gentle giant...we are working on that - i promise! after a good time out..they semi made up and then dalt-o went night-night. he was done with the palmers for 2007. such a handsome boy!most of the usual crowd was here.. except team minchey. we missed you guys! the carters and cardwells were, of course, here. and our next door neighbors (both of them) made appearances. side note.. its good to know your neighbors.. means you can be as loud as you wanna be! nothing major went on. just a lot of hanging out. the normal tears over east coast phone calls at 12pm eastern. champagne toast at midnight CST. there was a kanuth siting.. they were here for about 30 min i think. but it was good to see them none the less! and we started 2008 off the right way.. with a poker game beginning about 30 min into the new year. not sure any of the pics need explanation.. but thats what i do.
palmers & shoffners! thanks for making the trip guys!
love my baby brother!
most of team palmer..
missing kennedy lots! just a few more days...
just like this one..
can you tell the kids were just about done with 2007 altogether?
my bff's and our babies
ok.. this one does need a little explaining!
the first pic is aaron, kyle and brye plus their munchkins 2007
the second is all six.. same time 2006.
my what a difference a year can make!

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