Tuesday, December 18, 2007

our pat green weekend..

id like to share a little about our weekend.. but first i need to tell you a little history. a few years ago.. i met boy. a boy who loves music. he loves all kinds of music.. but that doesnt mean he doesnt have a few favorites. we soon discovered that our favorites were not exactly the same... i wanted him to love mine the way i did. and he wanted me to love his too. so we set out on a mission to learn to appreciate those elevated on each others lists. he threw out his copy of songs you know by heart and dove head first into jimmy buffetts real music. on his way..he handed me a copy of he we go. much like the day i met the boy.. it was love at first site. it was instantly apparent to me that when i left texas all those years ago ~ i was missing out on more than just visiting my parents. i was missing out on texas country! so thats how the love affair began. and in dec 2004.. the boy took me to see pat, live, for the very first time.. at billy bobs in ft worth, texas. we had an incredible time that year. we made plans to return to that same show in 2005..and out of that incredible weekend came another boy who stole my heart. (maybe we should have thought about pat when we were arguing for months about his name..) in 2006..with a little baby at home..we decided that we should save our money and our energy and skip the show. we had another christmas party on the same night.. there just wouldnt be time for pat that year. around 11pm.. we looked at each other.. sad that we had not made a better effort to go.. snuck out of that other christmas party and drove to ft worth. we didnt have tickets to the sold out show and we were sure that our last minute efforts would be in vain. as we drove into the parking lot.. we spotted a couple of girls leaving. we got their attn and asked if the show was over. they explained that they were just tired and wanted to beat the crowd. they handed us their ticket stubs and said have a good time. we parked the truck.. ran inside.. found their seats in section A.. and listened to the last few songs. sang along to frosty the snowman when pat came out for the encore in a snowman suit. then we had a drink and toasted that this would be 'our weekend' from now on. sure we will see pat when we can..where ever he is playing.. but this show is special to us.

this year we decided to do everything we could to make it perfect. we signed up for tix to the 4th annual fan club party.. debated for days about what we wanted to have autographed.. and for months looked forward to sitting in section A the entire show (not just the last few songs). my mom came to say with our little boy and his beautiful sister and we headed out saturday morning. our prize for the day would be a rather pricey guitar that we bought just for pat to autograph..and our memories of course. when we arrived at the meet n greet.. we got all of our freebies and a couple of raffle tix. by the end of the afternoon.. when we had both won one of the top prizes.. had our pics made with the man.. and sat thru a private performance! we could have gone home a happy couple! but there was so much more fun to come!! we headed over to the hotel that would be our home away from home for the night. met up with my brother and sister-in-law and a couple of friends. had an awesome dinner.. played a little poker.. and then made our way back to billy bobs for the main event. pat did not dissappoint! it was an incredible set.. not many times in a girls life that she can say she got to hear galleywinter live twice in one day! im so glad we went! it was a great weekend!!! cant wait to do it again next year!!
at the fan club party

out to dinner..

kyle says that new jacket still smells like mercardo juarez

at the show.. nick, jenny, jeremy prine, kp & james

thank you jenny for sharing your pictures!!! ..there will be a pic of kyle and i with pat from the meet n greet.. i will post it here as soon as i rec it from the dancehall! cant wait!!


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a MUCH more fun weekend than we did - we want to hear all the stories! :)

Anonymous said...

We had a blast with you guys! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special tradition...we may have to be there again next December. Maybe we can get tickets together next year :) Love ya!