Sunday, February 5, 2012

iRemember jan 2012..

iRemember is my little way of recapping all the pics i took with my iPhone during the month.. 
introduced in this post if your new to my little blog. 

korbie + sissys new coat = night night memories ; )

 my little buddy colt got a booboo over christmas break.  i was not NEARLY as good at wrapping it up as his mommy was! 
  yahoo instant messanger is a new bestie for KP and i.  [but im still a gooooogle girl.]
 byebye christmas decorations.  it was time!
 lots and lots of pics [like daily =)] of baby caden for mommy at work.
 kenn is a fan of the self portrait.  [tho she would tell you that she was taking a pic of sleeeepy korb!]
 my children ooVoo. a lot.
 dennnnys breakfast with the KPs.  and a balloon artist. 

 on our way to a matineeee.
 the instagram version.. of course.
 its kindof an inside joke.. but i ALWAYS with out fail every single time i wear light colored jeans i get some greasyyy crap on my knee somewhere between the house and the car.  its craziness.
 ..kenn trying to teach me about the self portrait.  ha!
 happy hour at the clubb.
 cade. for mommy. =)
 my G gets inside of everything!
 and she loves blankets!
 cade. for mommy. =) 
 leftovers for lunch. =)
 caden. for mommy. =)
 haha. this is clearly not from january.  found it in pics i never did anything with from the summer.  and i absolutely love it.  beau doesnt like fireworks! 
 snack time with my little buddy.
 tattoo shopping.. 
 nachos with kristine hazzzzzard.  my fave.
 G = artist
 haha!!  all of my letters on my first word first game with my cousin casey.  my guess is he vomited when he saw it! =))
 cade. for mommy. =)
  staceys bridesmaid 'proposal'!
 thats some serious bed head baby G!
 charlie at the granada
fo shizzle my nizzle
 karoake at the shoffners. greatness.
 random shoot with my baby. 
 i love winter in texas.  
 KP bought these shoes for korbie in november.  they were too big.  i hid them from him.. and myself apparently.  after miley destroyed his current pair we needed them.  it took me days to find them! 
 caden. for mommy. =)
 my lunch dates. =)
 a visor wearing thumb sucking crazy person. 
 a pic of an old pic..contemplating a hair cut!
 my fat cat. 
 sticky tack.
 colt. for mommy. =)
 haircut time!
 eyes. mines and kenns. ;)
 kennedy = dork
 he makes pouting look goooood. 
 fuzzys for lunch.  haha. like father like son.  by accident.  and its FUNNNNY!
 my top golfers.
 are those bangs? ; )

 the instagram version. of course. =)
  THE baby of the house. =) 
 jaime asked me to save pringles cans for a cute christmas cookie gift idea from pinterest.  i did my part...
she's gonna make valentines cookies instead.  
 two crazy dogs. one pink bear. poor bear.
 i stubbed my toe. ouch! and then i took a pic of it for kenn and KP.  they laughed.
 caden.  for mommy. =)
 korb [with his new do] eating lunch.  he loves fridays.
 i didnt take this pic with my phone.  but i did save it to my phone. cause i LOVE it.  so random.
 haha.  song lyrics.  i was at a concert. she was at home.  inside jokes are the best. sweating??
 kennedy loves the self portrait.
 thats her brothers hat.
 caden. for mommy. =)
 colt. for mommy. =)
 thats a full pantry.
 caden. for mommy. =(
 art work. on kenns carpet. lovely. 
 new otterbox cover!!!

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