Wednesday, February 29, 2012

beautiful weather!!!

i am so thankful for spring time in texas!  its so wonderful out!  this morning at 6:55am KP asked me if it was raining..  i hadnt yet been outside but was sure that it was not raining.  i tapped on the trusty app on my iPhone and answered back.

'NOPE!  60°. sunny. 30% humidity. 3mph winds.  sounds beautiful!'

then i left the bedroom to start my day and he got ready for work just as we always do.  i did see him a few more times before he left.. and he even kissed me goodbye but i guess i never 'looked' at him.  he called me about 45 min later...  'honey, why did you tell me the high was going to be 60° today?  im wearing a sweater and slacks.. im going to burn up when it hits 75°!'

hahaha!   i didnt say high of 60°.  i said it WAS 60°!  [before 7AM!  hmmmmmmm <3]

oops.. i guess he will not rely on jammi-the weather girl any more. =))

and on that note [while the kids are down for a nap..], im going to open the windows, crank some tunes [not so loud that i cant hear them if they need me of course ;)] and do a little spring cleaning!!  MY FAVORITE!!!

happy leap day friends!!

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