Thursday, February 16, 2012

roadtrippin on a long weekenddd....

we are leaving today for whats becoming an annual trip to red river new mexico with the carters!  we didnt actually go at all in 2011 - but its only been 14 months since our last trip.  i'd say thats annual enough to call it annual.  =)  im super excited.. despite the fact that i dont love anything about the trip except the drive [weird..i know] and the company.  nothing beats the smile on the kids [and daddys] faces from all the fun.  and i love to spend time with my bestie.  its amazing to watch our kids grow up together just like we did!  [but cold and snow...ugh!]  i spent the entire naptime packing up everything that everyone needs for the long weekend.  and ive got all the iPads and iPods and camera batteries that we own charged and ready for a vacation weekend.  ANDDD im committed to blogging about it as soon as we get home!!  ...not 13 months later like last time!   so lets get in the truck already and get this singalong roadtrip started!!!

farewell texas see ya next week!

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