Tuesday, February 28, 2012

THE MINCHEYs =)!, micky, CHOIR, WORK!, date night, brunch, NASCAR..

..thats ONE FULL weekend!!

..on friday night we got to spend sometime with the Mincheys!  we havent gotten to do that in AGES!  it was SO nice!  we had dinner and drinks at their house before heading over to HANKs to see Micky & The Motorcars with Randy Creed and a few other friends.

on saturday kennedy had to be at school at 9AM for choir rehearsal for an upcoming performance.  and i had to be in Keller for a newborn shoot.. and back in mckinney for a family shoot in the afternoon!!   it felt realllly good to be working!  ..its so hard for me to get motivated to book shoots in the winter months.  especially january and february!  but i am SO ready to get back out there and shooot shooot shoooooot!

we had a dinner date night planned for just KP and i on saturday evening.. but korbie had other plans.  his belly didnt feel well and all he wanted was MOMMMMYYY.  we stayed home and watched the green mile instead.  havent seen that movie in years!  it was still wonderful.  i still cried like a baby.

on sunday morning we got up pretty early.. we had family brunch at the country club.  mmmmmmmm.  we should plan that more often.  =)

in the afternoon the kids and i dropped KP off [and made an appearance] at the annual NASCAR kickoff/Daytona watching party at Randys.  the race was rained out tho.. so KP didnt end up staying all that long either.  we were all home by 7 and in bed early.

full weekend.. completely random.  just the way we like it!

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