Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love the nerd you're with..

today is my eighth heart day with the man i love.  eight!!  i love him everyday single day.  we dont need a hallmark holiday to celebrate our relationship.  we dont have any big plans.  this morning i did give him a very special gift.  ;)  ..a diet mountain dew for his drive to work.  we're romantic like that.  =)

last night kennedy and i helped korbie get ready for his valentine's day party today at preschool.  its the first year that kenn doesnt have a party to get ready for herself.  middle school..ugh.  bitter sweet but we had tons of fun.  =)  he chose nerd valentines.  lol.  hopefully he will make it home with a few extras today.. because i did an ok job documenting the getting ready in photographs..

let the arts and crafts [aka mess] begin.
 dada kept maggie occupied ;)  while miley stole scraps of cardboard and chewed them up for an hour.  such a puppy.. thats gotta be bad for you, right?
 sissy worked on decorating his bag.. 
 while korb wrote his name on the cards [..and i quote - '20 times. really mom?' haha!]
 kenns finished product had to dry overnight.. i <3 kp. 

and this morning i attached the letters to the bag and loaded up all of the cards for his buddies at school.  but some how i did not take a pic of everything all finished and put together. boo for mommy.  BUT trust me.. if you get a valentine from a handsome blue eyed boy with a tiny box of sugary candy that says 
'here's lookin' at you nerd!'  
you wont need a pic to remember how special it was to you! ;)

*update!  ..an afterthought but oh well!


and as a side note.. if you read the post about v-days past either now or four years ago when i wrote it origianlly i would love to share some wonderful news.  my friend Kathy has been dating a very close friend of hers for a while now and last friday he proposed!  february is always a tough month for her and her new fiance wanted her to have something positive and happy for future febs to come.  so cheers to love gone but never ever forgotten and to new beginnings.  i love you kathy howell.  =)

also a little shout out to my nana today.  somehow it has been 18 years since we kissed her goodbye.  thats amazing.  its crazy to think that it has been that long.  if you see my momma today [childress friends] give her a big hug for me.  miss you nana!