Tuesday, February 21, 2012

red river recap [pre-pics]

the red river recap pre-pics goes a little something like this.  we worked all day on thursday.. and i packed everything!!!  [side note:  i used to be such a great packer and now that im wicked out of practice im what one would call an over packer.  ugh!!!]  the plan was to get out of town by 430pm.  he got stuck at work and didnt get home til 5pm but we were loaded and out the door by 536pm.  pretty good teamwork.  we had originally planned to stay the night in childress then get up early and drive the balance of the trip.  but we all know that planning to get up early isnt team palmers stronghold.  so...the kids were resting and we were on a mission so we powered thru the entire drive thursday night!  we only stopped three times in 11 hours.  at chick fil a in denton.  in chilicothe to use the bathroom and get some energy [and corn nuts and beef jerky].  and once in amarillo to refuel the truck and relieve ourselves.  pretty impressive if i do say so myself!  my hubby the rockstarr drove the entire way!

on friday morning we slept til 10ish.  ate breakfast at shotgun willies, took the kids to get ski/board rentals, paid for lift tickets and at three Ks hit the slopes by noon.  they owned the bunny slopes for a few hours and then they were T I R E D.  KP strained his knee but powered thru to make it to the top with Brye for a few runs after the kids had tuckered out.  AND i ran into my little brothers best friend from high school, Thomas Votaw, and his beautiful wife.  they were in town for the mardi gras in the mountain celebration for the anniversary.  =)  its so fun to run into old friends!  after a great dinner, a trip to the hot tub and an early bedtime for some tired little boys, we left Kenn in charge and made our way to bull o' the woods for a drink or two mardi gras style.  beads and all ;))  we were home and tucked in by midnight but we had a great time!!

on saturday morning KP was scared of the hurt knee.  he slept in while the children ran around him like banchees til 10ish.  got breakfast at shotgun willies  and did NOT even put on his boarding gear.  bummer for him because he loves it so!  ...but great news for me!  ive never gotten to hang out with him and watch the kids [and all the other crazies] for a whole day in red river before!  that was definitely a first!  we snuck over to the gift shop and tried on silly hats.. we walked to the watering hole at the base of the mountain for a beer and we sat on a patio and people watched with the kids once they decided that they couldnt make it one more minute with out dada holding their hands.  ;)  when the lifts closed at 4 the kids enjoyed an hour of innertubing on the bunny slopes!  ..one of the highlights for them everytime we go to red river!  and that evening was much the same as the night before.  same faces too.  so much fun!

then on sunday we left town around 11 and made the longggg drive home.  we stopped for a lunch and dinner so it took us more than a bit more than 12 hours to get home.  KP drove the entire way.. rockstarrrrr i tell ya.

i have downloaded all the pics and weeded thru the not so focused ones!  should be able to post them by the end of the week!  =))

all in all it was a wonderful weekend get away.

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