Monday, February 27, 2012

red river pics!

day one.. noonish on friday.  they were READYYY to hit the mountain!
 brye had been up and at 'em since the lifts opened.. i love this pic of jaime [and beau] trying to get in touch with him.  
 beau's hat was forever sideways.  =)
 korb and his little buddy beau!
 random pic of my hunny that i <3
 sweet beau!
so.. on friday morning KP went to shotgun willy's  to get us burritos for breakfast..
saturday morning i decided to join him!  this lovely lady made our burritos while i secretly snapped a pic ;)  i really really really want a vest JUST. LIKE. THAT. for st pattys day!!!
 KP was a wee bit embarrassed that i would sneak that pic.. ha!
 this sign made me giggle..
 this little dude [bex] woke up SICK on saturday morning.  poor guy.
and these two kept him company while we got those burritos..
 and then we were off to the slopes.  KP hurt his knee on friday afternoon so it was a whole different ballgame for everyone on saturday.  he wanted to be on the mountain.. the littles wanted him to be on the mountain.. and i had to pretend that i wasnt excited that he had to hang with me!
 they were more than a little mopey that daddy couldnt hold their hands..

 and he was more than a little mopey too...
 so we walked down to a little cafe at the bottom of the bunny slope and tried to warm up and feel a little better..  

we laughed out loud at the alien lager.  [a few years ago on a trip to NM my parents brought home a 6pack of that stuff.. KP never did open any of it.. just saved it for the memory of my mom & dad buying him a beer! ha!  ..little did we know its nothing special in new mexico. ;)] 
i ordered one.. just so that we could FINIALLY see what it tastes like.  
lol.  turns out its really nothing special.  ick!
 after.. i dont know 30 min on the slopes with out daddy.. the littles decided they were done.  whaaaaa!?!
$32 half day lift ticket.. 45 minutes of skiing/boarding.  hmmmm

so instead we took a few pics, had a few warm drinks and PEOPLE watched!  they all got a taste of what a winter vacay is like for mommy. ;)

 korb and bex make some amazing snow angels!

 kenn's turn to play with the mommys camera..
 [i took this one =)]
later that evening we FROZE our buns off so that the kids could go tubing on the bunny like they did last year!  kp AND i took pics..
it was SO cold!  i decided on something creative with my scarf to keep my ears warm!
 haha!  korbie was NOT happy about sharing a tube with his sister!
 and KP was not impressed with my scarf/ear warmer.
'you look odd.'
thanks love...=)
 brye and beau..
 kennedy [with her hand over her face?]
 brye and beau waiting their turn!
KP.. either trying to stay warm or hoping no one will recognize him with me and my odd look. lol
 jaime and bex!!
 last time down!  all 4 together..

 and thats that.  =)  we had a great time Carters!  thanks so much for the invite!!  cant wait til next year!

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