Wednesday, September 24, 2008 the little kid is nine.

nine. 9. NiNe. nine? i guess we have to let her grow up. but it sure isnt easy. weve gone from crawling, walking & running.. to cell phones, ipods & instant messaging in the BLINK of an eye. i am so thankful i get to stay at home and not miss a minute of it! she is stubborn and sweet. she is smart and sassy. she is her own person and i love her so. like last year i created this photo book to help her remember 8.

she had 4 friends over for a sleepover last friday night. we all had dinner at chick fil a. and then came home for cake.. designed (mostly) by kennedy herself. and opening presents! she got a TON of webkins.. which are the coolest things right now. and she got a few new pairs of earrings courtesy of the fam.. along with a framed poster-size replica of the rolling stone cover featuring the jonas brothers. that was the hit of the night. the girls stayed up WAY too late singing karoake and dancing the night away in her room. first thing saturday morning we got donuts and spent a little time at the playground. tonight we are headed to dinner at pf changs. she's had that much of the evening planned since last christmas! and then we are off to get a guinea pig. parents are such push-overs for birthdays. stay tuned for pics of kennedy and her new furry friend. on friday morning kennedy is flying to LA for the weekend to celebrate with her father. she is going to log a week FULL of birthday fun this year!

happy birthday baby girl! we love you..


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy - we love you and miss you!
Angela & Mikayla

Kyle Vannoy said...

No way is that baby nine years old! The older our kids get...the older we become and believe me I'm getting old. Give her a kiss every chance you get and tell her that you love her at least once a day. You're a great mom and I'm proud of you. Hope to see you soon!

Amy said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS!! Love them!! Your kidies are so stinkin pretty, too!! (Yes, boys can be "pretty" :)

If my Kate sees that cake, she's gonna want it for her 11th bday!! OMG! 11!! #10 was BY FAR the hardest birthday for me. I actually have a child that is in double digits. I am SO getting old.

I'm so glad you emailed me about YOU!! Even though I don't know you, I feel like I do. Especially since we know so many of the same peeps!! I totally enjoy your blog!!