Wednesday, September 10, 2008

so its 8 AM..

ive been up for 1 hour and 20 min. and so far ive..

  • made and packed kps lunch
  • bathed, washed & dried my hair and gotten dressed for the day
  • made my bed
  • cleaned my playroom from yesterday
  • put away all of korbs evening that he's not tempted by them all day
  • made and packed kennedys lunch
  • started a load of towels
  • had my 7:35am daily phone date with my husband.. the highlight of every morning
  • gotten kennedy up, dressed and ready for school
  • made her bed
  • fed her breakfast
  • checked and rechecked her backpack to make sure all that she needs is inside.. daily folder with homework, lunch, water bottle, snack, a change of shoes so that she doesnt get her good sneakers muddy on her way to school, her phone... all the necessities
  • checked my email and made my daily OCD stop at
  • said hello to my first daycare baby
  • written this much of this post because i wanted to document all that i do in the mornings :)

and in the next 10 min i have to..

  • curl the little kids hair.. curl my hair
  • kiss her goodbye and get her OUT the door
  • really start my day and ALL my daycare duties

seems like a lot in an hour and a half. no?


....and NO, sweetheart. my intention was not to pat myself on the back. :) just documenting.. and maybe pointing out that in order to be successful in the mornings {success = helping everyone get their day off on the right foot} moms are really busy. however.. i just got an email from kennedys teacher saying that she was tardy for the first time this year by just a minute or two. should have skipped the hair curling, i guess. oh well, theres always tomorrow to strive to be supermom.


Amy said...

Oh, the supermom curse!! Your day looks alot like mine!! CRAZY!!

Take a breather girl!!

Jammi Palmer said...

um.. right amy..thanks for the shout out but im sure your morning is a 1000x crazier than mine. i basically did all that while korb slept and then got ONE kid ready for school. not 4! you are definitely my hero!

the breather on the other hand..i will take you up on that. :) counting down til the babies nap time!

Anonymous said...

You curl Kennedy's hair in the morning? Have you lost your mind? She's in the third grade. Get a grip woman. Teach her how to do it if she wants to have curled hair--buy her foam curlers that she can put in her hair at night after her shower. That's what I did with my cousins. That takes care of half an hour right there, and it will give her a sense of ownership. Trust me. I speak from experience.

Jammi Palmer said...

i ABSOLUTELY do something with kennedys hair every morning. curl..straighten..put it up. something. i think its important. everyone is more confident when they are 'put together'. and how she looks is a direct reflection of how 'put together' our mornings..and our household are. she has a friend or two that get to school looking like they just rolled out of bed - and probably feeling like it to. i dont want that for her. its not a burden to me..and when she can do it herself i will expect her to. but until then ~ i'll continue to make time. whats an extra 10 or 15 min?

The Vannoy Family said...

Ur awesome Jammi! That's why God gave me boys - you can throw them on jeans, T-shirt, shoes and they're done - hahaha! Love you!