Tuesday, September 30, 2008

low expectations..

today is picture day at rje. to say my expectations are low would be an understatement. i am completely convinced that school pictures are the last remaining rip-off in photography and its a real shame that you cant just submit your own pics for the annual. oh.. dont get me wrong i know they cant take much time with each of the 701 children.. and that even the best coached.. not to mention best looking kid ;).. sometimes makes a goofy face. but the last time i checked (potentially) $14,000+ {700 [students] x $20.00 [the least amt you can spend on pics]} was a lot of money. you'd think they would care just a little.. anyway :) to remember what we hoped school pics would look like this year...kennedy was gracious enough to pose for about 3 seconds for my camera before she left this morning. we will have to wait and see what we get for our $45 in a few months when the pics come back. after a little prodding from a few friends.. on monday i secretly opened a facebook acct just to see what it was all about. fear of commitment and low expectations {not necessarily of facebook..but of my ability to keep up with something else} kept much interest at bay. this morning.. jenny invited me to be her friend. CRAP.. i had been found! i called her right away only to learn that she too was new to the whole facebook thing. there's strength in numbers. so, tonight im gonna edit my profile a bit -- and try to make some friends.

for a while now i have been wanting to start this blog to share the ins and outs.. or at least some photos from my little daycare. i dont expect that anyone would check it often.. except for maybe the mommies. but i wanted to share just the same.

here's to hoping low expectations will yield surprising results..

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