Monday, September 22, 2008

over the weekend..

we celebrated kennedy's 9th birthday.. im working on a full birthday recap for kenners. however, her birthday is still 48 hours away officially - so you'll see pics of the party then. {8 and 9 year old girls are loud}..

celebrated gracy turning 2 {backyardigans style}.. i didnt get many pics at gracyn's party. bummer. but i think this one is pretty sweet!
and celebrated a victory over the pack {thanks for being gracious hosts y-rocks!}.. and about those cowboys.. it wasnt exactly pretty. but we will take the W just the same. i took LOTS of pics in their AMAZING back yard.. i will share more later. these are my fav's so far!


the undomesticated wife said...

Hi! I was just browsing through blogs and happened upon yours and saw you are in McKinney. I am too! And I saw your post about Cadillac Pizza/Landon Winery...those are two of my fave places...small world! Hubs and I have logged many hours at the Cadillac since he played there quite often.

Anyway, nice to meet another McKinney blogger!

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kennedy! Hope you had a great time.