Monday, September 29, 2008

GNO turned date night..

a few of my girl friends and i planned a girls night out for sat the 27 of sept. we had the best of intentions of getting together.. but it just didnt work out for everyone. plan A was for all the girls to visit the mckinney square for our very own oktoberfest.. the boys would stay home with the babies. plan B involved finding a sitter and the boys joining us. i do love girls nights..but im glad oktoberfest turned out the way it did. team minchey, team carter, team palmer.. just a bunch of mckinney peeps giving back to the local economy...
a review in pictures..
the last 3 girls standing when the GNO plans fell apart..

two sweet little boys who dont mind hanging out with a sitter for the evening.. we each grabbed our guys..

and called it a date night instead.
we listened to a little blues at the cadillac.
L-O-V-E this pic of james and brye enjoying the music.
next stop.. the londoner.
kyle, can you find someone to take a group pic?
hmmm.. probably not my first choice. or my second or third..
after several attempts.. this is the best it got. but we will take it.
inside.. it was the same ol' same ol' except for one thing.
a SMOKE-FREE londoner!
thanks for hanging out girls!
date nights are so romantic.
yea right! but walking to the mincheys is definitely a plus..
everyone hand and hand..
well.. hand and something. ;)

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