Friday, September 26, 2008

her name is talulah..

..but you can call her tutu. or lulu. or tayuya {korb's personal favorite}. and she is very sweet. we picked her up on wednesday night just after our birthday dinner.. and kennedy hasnt stopped talking about her {or to her} since. despite the fact that we had to get up this morning at 4AM to make her flight to LA.. i had to go up to her room about 15 times last night.. after i put her to bed.. just to make sure she had put talulah in her cage and laid down herself. the last time was at 11:15PM. crazy kid! she's going to miss her this weekend. and i suspect she is going to be a very good mommy to her for the next few years.

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Unknown said...

She is very cute! Glad Kenners found just the right one.