Wednesday, September 3, 2008

kids say the cutests things..

i dont do a very good job at blogging every day stuff. SO i thought i would try to make it a point to record some of the funny stuff my kids say to me more often! and i should note the pics have nothing to do with anything.. just a couple of my recent favs that i havent posted.

after a ride in the ha-hoe yesterday with his dad.. where im certain his sissy was watching a movie.. i had this conversation with korb.

korb: i dont eat remotes..
mommy: thats good baby.
daddy: ask him why!
mommy: why dont you eat remotes korb?
korb: it'll make your teeth fall out.

sometimes my husbands style of parenting makes me say hmm. but whatever gets the job done, i guess.

on sunday kennedy and i heard a song and part of the lyrics were about a phone booth. wondering if she had any idea what she was singing along about.. i asked -

mommy: whats a phone booth?
kennedy: you know.. its like that thing the terminator went in to find all the sarah connors in the phone book.
mommy: oic.

again.. the things they learn from their dad. :)


Anonymous said...

Now ask her what a record is. Oh wait, you probably don't know what one of those is either . . . sorry, couldn't resist.

Kyle Vannoy said...

I saw your dad today at school. I can't believe you guys were here this weekend. I figured the reunion was somewhere else. Let us know when you're going to be in town again. Love ya!

Amy said...

Such cute kiddie's!! That girl of yours is GORGEOUS!!