Thursday, September 18, 2008

its football time..

so.. its been brought to my attn that i havent done much blog updating lately. sure ive been posting about my children and creating scrapbooks and getting ready for {or remembering} their birthdays. as well as documenting day to day life.. but i have failed to update the palmer plans with an important upcoming event. this sunday -- packers vs cowboys. always a good game, right? well, when you pair up the biggest packers fan {possibly} ever. and the biggest cowboys fan {in the whole world..except for maybe his mama}.. it makes the face-off that much sweeter. last year kyle and his boss spent a cold monday night in november at texas stadium enjoying the festivities. this year team palmer..and ALL of our romo jerseys.. will be invading packer country {aka red oak} for the sunday night game. i think we are actually leaving saturday night and sleeping over so that we dont take any chances on missing the 7:15 pm kick off. thanks for the invite weyrauchs. better get your popcorn ready!
*its worth noting that the 'art work' above..was created by the infamous derek minchey. crazy what you can do with a cigar that you dont particularly like at a dave matthews show. looks like he was ready for football season way back then.. :)
**AND i forgot to mention that i stole the title from the kobra. he tells his friends 'its football time..' several times a day. chip off the old block, i guess. it makes me smile. i just heard him say it to gracy as he threw a foot ball at..i mean to her. dont worry..his aim is still a little off.

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