Monday, June 11, 2007

what a weekend..

on friday we drove korb to nana & papa's.. so that we could have a weekend to ourselves. and i must tell you it was exhausting! we are not nearly as young as we once were! we went to two professional sporting events.. saw a few long lost friends.. had an interesting moment or two with duce the dog.. got a little sunburned and a few mosquito bites.. very little sleep and a whole lot of 'grown up' fun. today.. we are getting one of our kids back! that's a good thing. not sure how much more fun i can handle! i think that's exactly what duce was thinking in these pictures too!!

all kidding aside, i must say that i feel very blessed to have a great family, cool friends, and an amazing husband. with out my parents dropping what they were doing to come get the little man.. weekends like this would not be possible. and if the thought of hanging out with my husband didnt still give me butterflies in my stomach.. weekends like this would not be planned. im a pretty lucky girl...............

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Anonymous said...

Jammi! I'm so excited!! I can finally see your blog. Derek has his work computer at home that doesn't block everything on earth.