Wednesday, June 20, 2007

oops, i missed fathers day.

i didnt really miss it.. i was around. i said happy fathers day to the dads in my life - but i didnt post anything and im feeling guilty. as many of you know.. im am guilty of being a daddy's girl. and since my father thinks days like fathers day are just like any other sunday.. meant for worshipping our heavenly father. i guess thats the mentality i was going with...the dont make a big fuss attitude. nonetheless.. i do have a few belated wishes that i would like to make public.

to my brother.. i am so proud of you and the daddy you've become. the special bond you have with dubbers is enough to make any father of a "mama's-boy" jealous. you guys are absolutely perfect together and it makes me so happy for you.

to my daddy.. i love so many things about you. i love the way you love unconditionally.. i love the way you give and give even when your cup is empty.. i love the way you do not judge.. i love that you always see hope in people.. i love that your 'comfort zone' is beyond measure.. or maybe its just that you prefer to be on the outside of it. i love you for your faith. i love you for your gentle hand. i love you for loving my mom.. i love you for being the best papa anyone has ever known! i love you for being strong..and for showing your weaknesses to help others. i love you for being you and i love you for helping me be me.

to my husband.. thank you for being an amazing dad to our children. thank you for using your life experiences.. good and bad.. to teach all three of us. thank you for helping me to be a better parent. thank you for letting me spend so much time with them in the last year... i know its a sacrifice for you to work harder and be away from them more. thank you for being the softy this time around. it's kind of nice to be the 'push over parent' isnt it? most of all thank you for making us smile. nothing beats the sound of the little kid yelling DDDAAADDDDDYYY and jumping on you or the smile on the little mans face when you peek around the corner at him for the first time in the evenings.

you guys are special to me everyday..

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