Friday, June 15, 2007

what a beating..

does anybody remember aaron? (not cardwell!) he's the little boy from kennedy's 6th birthday party that rob had to practically tackle to keep from 'borrowing' kennedys toys, terrorizing our cat and generally being a little terd.. he also bloodied some one's nose and kept trying to leave while kennedy was opening presents. i'm sure those of you who were not there probably heard the story... well it turns out that he gets all that craziness from his mom! a few months ago she heard that i was doing childcare from home. she called to ask if i'd like to 'sub' for each other. i could take her kids if she needed a day off and vice versa. well, it turns out that she has needed lot of days off. and while i love was never my intention to have tons of them around here everyday. kinda defeats the purpose of getting to stay home and spend time with my own kids. the last time she called needing help..she told me that she was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed.. she asked if i ever have those feelings. not so much..i stay home all day.. and play with little kids.. while demanding at times - its not all that stressful. anyway... i met a family thru subbing for her. they wanted to move their little girl to another home daycare. just someone a little more reliable and maybe not so overwhelmed (not to mention anxious and depressed!) so i agreed to take her in. she's a wonderful little girl.. a few months older than all my babies. and they all really like playing with her. korb follows her everywhere!!! i figured whats the worse that can happen.. crazy lady gets mad at me and doesnt speak to me anymore-not a bad trade off. well it turns out that she wants to speak to me - actually more like yell at me - a lot. yesterday she showed up on my step for the second time in as many weeks wanting to hold the little girl.. and blabbing something about integrity. when i closed the door in her face, after asking her to leave several times, she started calling my cell!!! can you say psycho! a police report has been filed.. restraining orders and trespasses are in progress.. im hoping its all going to go away soon! i started not to blog about this ... but i decided that the best posts always end with reflection and things to be grateful for. while i am grateful that im not crazy! im also grateful for all the support ive rec'd from my friends, family and "families" (meaning the other childrens parents). im thankful that i can let things go!! i guess mostly im thankful that im not overwhelmed, anxious and depressed! life is not always easy.. but it could always be worse.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can't believe that woman...she does sound a tad bit psycho. Maybe she should take some time to reflect on her own life (or get some professional help) before yelling at you about integrity!