Thursday, June 28, 2007

the three amigos!

friday night.. after our long day at the zoo. we showered, packed up the kids, moved korbs carseat from one tahoe to another for the third time that day and headed to the kanuths. the drive, from oklahoma (where we live) to arkansas (where they live) was long but well worth it! just kidding! their new home is in rockwall. the entire area was beautiful.. and the house is great! congrats to them and thanks for letting us crash for the night! by the time we made it out there it was night-night time for all the little ones. but we did get some quality pics of them playing on saturday morning. i cannot believe how tall korb is! i mean i know that he's tall..but it seems so much more obvious when you stand him up next to the girls.

as if you couldnt tell by looking.. thats elle kanuth (aka little rob) in the blue and ava cardwell (aka little aaron) in the pink. and the ladies man obviously just woke up!

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