Friday, June 15, 2007

missin my baby girl!

havent seen kennedy in 2 whole weeks.. well 2 weeks tomorrow. and i cannot wait til she is home! she seems so grown up on the phone.. i hate it! i know she has to grow up - but at least she has always seemed younger over the phone than she is. but not so much this summer. before she left i helped her create her own blog.. its private so you have to be invited to visit. if you'd like to read about her adventures i can probably get you on the list. just let me know. she has posted once a week..not too shabby. my baby..the blogger! the pics below are downloaded from her last post about her trip to the carlsbad caverns. ive also added a ticker to my blog to help us countdown to my little angelbug's return. if you're reading kenners - have so much fun.. and keep telling us all about it! we love you so much! korb misses you big! and so do we...

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