Monday, June 25, 2007

to the zooooooooo!

on friday team cardwell and team palmer made their first trip to the zoo.. we were sure, before we left, that it would be the first of many... but after a VERY late start, a CRAZY long drive to ft worth, a HOT-HOT afternoon, a TON of traffic on the way home and not to mention the invention of Discovery HD (discovery hd was kyles thought..definitely a boy thing)... it might be awhile before we return. HOWEVER.. despite all the set backs we did have a really good time! we were sad that kennedy was not with us.. but korb and ava were so good. they were red-faced, hot, sweaty, shiney and sticky from all the sunscreen.. and they were little troopers! we did not have one single melt down or fit. (out of the kids anyway!) we are completley blessed with amazing children!

and were off..finally! proud daddies & their babies!
ava grace!
korbin nickolis! i know this is blurry.. but its priceless to us! that little monkey scared the poop out of our little monkeys! there was only glass between them when he came to say hi!
thats a happy boy!!
korb and mommy!
korb and daddy!
we dont have many pics of all three of us.. thanks to auntie kel for taking this one-even if the little man didnt wanna smile anymore. he was so hot!
thats a big alligator!
korb, do you see the cooger? (that cooger supposed to be funny)
i love this..its totally like they are talking about us! i can only imagine what they might be saying.. dude, do you see anything out there? our parents are weird... is it naptime? got a nuk i can borrow?
he was not about to touch that goat...

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