Monday, June 4, 2007

what a weekend..

friday was kennedy's last day at home for the summer.. she spent most of the day just playing with korb. she was very sad about leaving him. the first pic below is her in the crib with him after morning nap.. and the next two are of him and his very own rescue. cute story.. on kennedy's first birthday i gave her a TY (beanie baby company) stuffed animal. a beagle named rescue. she hasnt been anywhere without him since! rescue has traveled the country with kennedy and thru the mail several times when she has forgotten him at someones house. a few years ago kyle found a new rescue in a book store and thought it was amazing to see the difference between what he looks like now..and what he is supposed to look like. so we bought the new one to save and compare when she finally out grows him. (which might be never!) anyway..last week she asked if she could give korb her 'new' rescue to keep him safe while she is away. so sweet. we will have to find one more to go back in the box to compare when they both out grow their rescues. anyway, she gave korb his on friday. i did not get a good pic of them together but you can see that he is in love!

when kyle got home we took her to get a haircut, which i am embarrassed to say i did not get a good pic of, what a loser! it is so cute. all one length just below her chin. she looked adorable. and then we took her to get a new cell phone. she let korb 'play' with hers. at this point in his life 'playing' with anything just means putting it in his mouth. not the best thing for any electronic device. we went to tin star for dinner with the carters.. finished her packing and all went to bed. korbin was not much help with the packing. in fact you can see that he decided if mommy would not let him unpack everything maybe he would just go with... saturday morning was the dreaded trip. its always bitter sweet. i am sad..but i have to help her not be sad.. she always has an awesome time..and somehow i always survive her not being here. she was awakened by korb..pretty cute. he shook her and kissed her.. and then she helped him with his morning bottle. and then we got on the road.. a bit late of course. it was a long drive. she and korb played and napped all the way to wichita falls. after a long good bye..he and i drove home. it was his first car ride with out her in the back seat. big change for the little man. to say the least he is dependant on her. when we made it back to mckinney, phase two of the weekend began. we unloaded and reloaded the truck and headed for east texas. we got to kyle's dads around 530. we were able to see a few family members and friends that we only seem to see in the summer. i guess that means despite all the rain summer has officially began. around 830 we made our way to jeremy and brandi jenkins home. jeremy is kyles best friend from his days in cayuga... their little boy tyson is one year older than korb (almost exactly-his bday is 8-23-2005). we had the best time just hanging out and relaxing with them! these pics were taken the next morning. tyson was a little apprehensive about kp. but he finally warmed up for one good shot of all the boys. who knew all he had to do was offer to take him outside! sunday was a lazy day at kyles moms.. we got to visit daphne. she seemed happy to see us. the beagle 500 was on as soon as she recognized kyle. and she and korb had a sweet reunion too.. it was really nice to just relax on the sofa and hang out with kyles family. kyles sister came over.. i dont think aunt kelli had seen korb in a few months. oh how he has grown and changed! we started home around 5pm. 24 hours in east texas.. we should really do it more often.

i would not normally post a pic that is fuzzy..but i had to get one on the blog of kelly. kel, happy?

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