Monday, December 22, 2008

welcome home baby macy!

dalton and auntie james heard a rumor that baby macy was headed to home today..
thats the best news we've heard in weeks!


Anonymous said...

I know that everyone is breathing much better now, not just Macy. I'm so glad that everything turned out all right. You know that you have been in my thoughts constantly, all of you, and I have to say that holding you breath all the way in Norfolk and trying to send good air to Texas is quite a feat, but I hope that you felt it. Maybe now we can all have a better Christmas. I love you all. Sending hugs your way. me

Kelly said...

That is AWESOME news!!! I'm so happy to hear that! Give my love to Nick, Jenny, Dalton and Sweet Macy! Merry Christmas and we love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Jammi! That is awesome! What a Christmas blessing! I will continue to pray for Macy's full recovery!!