Thursday, December 4, 2008

it makes me...

its no secret that korb lives the good life around here.. he is rarely awake before 8 am on a weekday. and only then because he can hear others up around the house. on the weekends he's been known to sleep til.. well.. last sunday.. noon. what can i say. he is his fathers child. ;) but thats not the point of this story. for the most part he gets out of bed. eats breakfast. plays with his friends until 11. eats lunch. then takes a nap. and during that busy morning i almost never take the time to get him dressed. we just worry about that when he wakes up from nap. so yesterday around 3pm when i was getting him dressed for the day, i took a pair of jeans and a super-cute-old-navy-striped shirt out of his closet. one that he has had for weeks and i have only gotten him to wear a few times. this one.. he wore it the day we took kennedys hairkut pics.
its cute. i like it. so yesterday, as he was throwing the same fit he always does when i try to put it on him, and yelling that he doesnt like it... i stopped and asked, 'korb..WHY dont you like it?' {WHY is completely his favorite word right now. but thats another post entirely} his reply. and i quote. "it makes me nauseous." what? nauseous? seriously? seriously. when i inquired further.. certain that he did not know what nauseous meant. he said, "dizzy mommy. that shirt makes me nauseous & dizzy." not exactly the response one would expect from your 2 year old. he seriously cracks me up!

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