Friday, December 19, 2008

macy.. thursday & friday {wk 2}

so.. i failed to post an update yesterday. but to make up for it i have GOOD news this morning!! on wednesday, as jenny posted, they began to wean macy off of the super strong sedative she has been on since she arrived. in fact they took away the drip all together. they started giving her a more mild sedative thru her central line just as needed to ease her transition back into wakefulness. my mom and i left the hospital just before 10pm on wednesday night and she had been awake, but not really aware, off and on for a few hours at that time. FF 24 hours. {jennys dad and s-mom, my mom, jenny, nick & lance took turns hanging out with her during those 24 hours} when i arrived just before 10pm last night she was SO awake. and SO aware! it was awesome to not only see those big blue eyes.. but to also see them focus on my face!

oh, sweet sweet baby macy, tho we have been by your side every moment for the last 10 days, we have missed you so.

around 10:30pm, lance and i over heard the night dr tell the rt to turn the vent down to 16 breaths per minute at 2:30am. and i cant tell you how excited i was! i would have called the entire fam..except the point of 2 people staying the night is so that everyone else can rest.. anyway. i did sleep some in this comfy chair. and when i stirred around 5:30am i found that they did not stop at 16.. miss macy is breathing quite comfortable with only the help of 12 breaths per minute from the vent. weve been told that the settings have to be down to 5 or 6 before they can extubate.. but it doesnt seem like it will be much longer before we are there!! however, one thing to note about this weaning process, we make lots of progress one day and then we wait... even if today is just waiting - getting her off the vent before the weekend is over is a real possibility! of course we will not be removing the tube and grabbing her bags. she will have to stay in icu for a bit longer to make sure everything is just as is should be. then she will have to move to a regular room for a little more observation.. this journey is by no means over. but i do see the light at the end of that rsv tunnel.. and its getting brighter. ;)

she is waking up now and i am going to stand by her side.. hold her little hand and enjoy her gazing in my direction until my relief arrives for the day. thank you for all your thoughts and prayer. God is good.


Amy said...

God IS good! Praise the Lord today for sweet Macy! YEAH! I love seeing that light at the end of the tunnel!

Kelly said...

God is so good! I'm so glad that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel! I will continue to keep sweet Macy and her whole family in my prayers! We love you guys!