Thursday, December 11, 2008

macy marie.. wednesday & thursday

so.. the tomorrow WILL be a better day chant.. didnt quite do the trick. in fact wednesday was some how so much worse. i have to be brief... too tired to type much. we all are. tuesday night was relatively peaceful. jenny and i took turns staying up, holding her and helping the nurse and respiratory therapist while macy and her dad got a little bit of rest. we really thought things were turning around. but by noon on wednesday it was clear that nothing was really changing. she was still very sick. early in the afternoon the staff at the mckinney medical center explained that there wasnt much more they could do. they had called for a transport team to take sweet litte macy to medical city childrens hospital in dallas. after she and her mommy arrived by ambulance they worked for more than an hour to get her settled into her new room in the pediatric intensive care unit {picu} and stabilized. she was sedated and intubated. every monitor you can imagine surround her tiny body.. a sea of wires, tubes and machines were now looking after macy. as well as a picu nurse right outside of her door. and finally she rested.

thursday has been more of the same. they did give her blood this morning.. and they discovered a bacterial infection when her cultures returned from the lab today so now they are giving her antibiotics as well. nick and jenny also met with her dr who gave them a time line of what to expect. its vague.. and who knows how many times the time line will change. but it seems like real progress. its at least a plan. we like plans. ;) the first step in that plan is to let her little body rest and recover. so, for now, she will likely sleep until saturday morning. until then.. the plan is for us {all five of her grandparents, kp & i, and numerous members of both extended families} to do whatever we can to support nick and jenny. and share every moment that we can with the little angel. kp and i spent almost 2 hours with her during shift change this evening. seeing that only two people can be in the room at a time, we are grateful for any time that we get to share with her.. she has lots of people loving her and looking after her.

jenny posted lots of pics that weve all taken from macys week in three different hospitals. she has also started a facebook group called prayers for macy please feel free to join. and please let them know that you are thinking about macy and praying for her. feel free to comment here or on jennys blog. the encouragement is so uplifting. they have so much on their minds. basically they need to be in two places at once because dalton needs his mommy & daddy too. if you are praying for this family.. please include dalton in your requests. his life has been turned upside down and shaken in the last 2 weeks. and tho she wouldnt dream of mentioning it while her baby is dealing with all of this.. jenny is quite sick too. lack of rest and stress arent helping to get her thru her cold symptoms any faster.

i promise to update regularly. even if its brief. and i promise to post pics of those big blue eyes as soon as they are open.
i love you macy marie.. we love you macy marie.
*a short disclaimer. its getting late on thurs. all the lack of sleep is finally catchin up with me. i apologize for any grammatical issues in this post. im not up for proof reading. or fixing the spacing..

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Amy said...

Oh, my word!! This brought back such memories for me! My Kenna Mae had whopping cough at 2 months old. It was a terribly scary time for our family! Please,please know that our family is with your family praying, praying, praying!! Bless that sweet baby girl!

I would love to have a "pray for Macy" button for my blog, but am NOT smart enough to do it! Let me know if someone techno figures it out and I'll add it! Word travels FAST in the blog community!

Get some sleep and let us know any updates!!