Monday, December 15, 2008

macy marie.. monday

things are mostly the same around medical city today in the picu. macy is in good company. mommy has been here ALL day. and daddy got here a little while ago.. he had to get some work done today. cousin lance and i have been here since noon. the nana's have the other kids.. and we will all switch for the evening and night shift.

macy is stable.. no major changes. however, her mom and dad just met with a dr who showed them all of her chest xrays and the progression of the secretions from the virus over the last week since she arrived. her lungs are finally starting to clear! they havent made any changes to the vent today.. but we are happy with the news just the same.

jenny spoke to the nurse today and got an approval for kennedy to visit baby macy for the first time. i just told her over the phone when she got home from school and she was THRILLED.. i mean like hannah montana tickets thrilled. thank you, jenny, for thinking of my little girl when your little girl is so sick.


Anonymous said...

Great news on the decrease in the vent. I'm really relieved to hear it. Also good that Kenners gets to see her cousin. It's important that she sees her in person. Trust me on this one. I've been thinking about all of you a lot. You know that. Love to all. me.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know I've been keeping up with all the updates and I've been praying for Macy and her parents and all of your family. We have some experience with all nighters and fearful circumstances. Jesus is fully aware and in control. Love yall.