Wednesday, December 10, 2008

macy marie..

wow. what a long day. and just because im tired.. ive borrowed well an entire post from jennys blog.

This post is not a pleasant one to write and is simply to inform everyone of what is going on with our baby girl. Friday evening Macy came down with a cold...not too bad, but she was definitely congested. Saturday all day it was more of the same. Saturday night I was up with her all night. She stopped eating and clearly couldn't breath. Sunday all day was the eating, labored breathing and lots of crying. Sunday night she vomitted and became very pale, so I called the triage nurse at her pediatrician's office - she listened to Macy breathing and directed us to go to the ER. Which we did. They did a breathing treatment, took x-rays and tested for RSV. They said all the test results were okay and we went home. That was about 2:00 in the AM. First thing Monday morning we took her to the pediatrician for a follow-up appt. She had a breathing treatment and got some nasal spray and we went home. Monday night was the worst...she screamed all evening, night and early morning. Wouldn't eat, couldn't breath. So it was back to the ER at 4 AM for us. This time she tested positive for RSV and was admitted right away. We have been here all day and the doctor just said we'll be here at least until Thursday...depending on how she does. Prayers are greatly appreciated and I will try to update the blog regularly as to her progress.

so.. a few of the details. she has been having breathing treatments and suction to remove secretions every 1 to 2 hours. eating has been very difficult.. so theyve inserted a feeding tube. 3 times. she has endured 2 of the worst iv's and iv mishaps known to man {or i guess i should say baby} only to be left with an open wound on her tiny little foot. but finally 20 hours later she is sleeping.. and she actually looks almost comfortable. her breathing is still quite labored. and tho we are keeping our eyes peeled.. we cant quite see the light at the end of this rsv tunnel. we are praying for a peaceful, restful night. one thing is certain. she is so loved.

tomorrow will be better. tomorrow WILL be better.

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The Vannoy Family said...

Adding your sweet Macy to our prayer list... we love all of you!