Wednesday, November 5, 2008

its official!

what an awesome day! today, i got to spend some quality time with this little bundle of joy!! she is so precious! and so tiny! and spending time with her would make any day awesome! but theres even more reason to celebrate.. her mommy & daddy spent those same precious hours that i was snuggling macy on a final walk thru and closing on their new house! right here in mckinney! less than 5 min away! i cannot begin to explain how excited we are! except for that brief-world-wind-chaotic time between the summer of 2004 and fall of 2005, that definitely counts for something.. {but not exactly quality time} my brothers family and my family have never lived in the same city. he lived in florida.. i lived in arizona. he lived in the metroplex.. i lived in hampton roads. i moved to mckinney.. he moved to houston. we just havent really been on the same page in a LONG time.. and it looks like things are finally coming together! in less than one month.. our boys will be able to see each other all the time and actually grow up together. not to mention all the school stuff his family will get to be apart of in kennedys life. and all the time we will get to help spoil the last baby in this shoffner chapter. BEYOND THRILLED! congrats guys! you bought a house today!



Unknown said...

Love the feet in the face and the formula tongue! Thank you so much for taking care of my little sweeties so we could buy our house! I know they love spending time with Auntie James!

Kari said...

these pictures are so precious....and make me want to have another baby RIGHT NOW! :)