Tuesday, November 4, 2008

our halloween. 2008 edition

halloween was SO much fun for kennedy and korb this year. they got to wear their costumes 3 different times.. and had a blast every time! on friday the 17th, kennedy's girl scout troop participated in a carnival with all the other troops in our area. kyle, korb and i joined her for the evening. there were SO many kids there..
kennedy was a cowgirl. and her friend danny was a very friendly blue witch! korb was a pumpkin this year.. and during this outing he could NOT have been any less concerned with my camera. he just wanted to GO, GO, GO! thursday the 30th.. we attended the fall festival at kennedy's elementary school. here she is with her 3rd grade teacher. we LOVE mrs twist!
kyle was not able to go with us to the school.. and korbs fascination with this putting game kept me from taking many pictures. he was a regular pumpkin-tiger-woods. he needed to dominate the game. :)
we ran into a friend of kennedys from kindergarten that i havent seen in years. you might remember a little boy who 'poisoned' her by putting hand sanitizer in her water bottle.. oh the things boys do for attention. this pic is from her 6th bday party. thats grady sitting in the window in red.and my how grady has grown up!
and finally.. we put out a bowl of candy for trick or treaters visiting our house on halloween. and jaime & bex joined korb, kyle and i for trick or treating on our street. i LOVE that we can take our boys to do things like this together..
i wanted desperately to get a pic of bam-bam-bex and pumpkin-korb walking down the sidewalk.. but this is the best one that i got. they were in a hurry..
they HAD to get to the next house..
and the next..
until korb decided walking was over rated..
trick or treating is hard work..
kennedy spent halloween evening trick or treating with her bff, kaylee, in her new neighborhood. then they attended a halloween party from 830 pm-1030 pm. she is growing up WAY too fast.

all in all, we had a great holiday. and we have more candy than they will EVER eat! korb hasnt had much candy yet in life. but he definitely has developed a sweet tooth in the last week! oh well.. halloween only rolls around once a year, right?

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