Wednesday, November 5, 2008

november sickness = productivity & politics

much like this time last year. im sick. its been about a week now. however, instead of grinning and bearing it for a month, i saw my dr yesterday. bronchitis. ear infections.. yuk! one breathing treatment, one antibiotic injection, one steroid injection, three prescriptions, and 36 hours later. im feeling much better! however, some of the side effects of those miracle steroids are getting on my nerves! sleeplessness. and increased appetite. only 5 more days.. i am trying to use this extra time productively. i think im completely caught up on blogging! ive completed 4 posts {5 including this one} in one day. just keep scrolling if you are interested.. ive edited and narrowed down approx 1000 pictures taken in the last two weeks to around 150 images..

and ive seen the obama speach at least 4 times. i think im actually starting to believe him. ;) after making a conscience effort not to blog about politics.. i would like to publicly say how much i respect john mccain. i dont think there are many men left in this world who can say they have spent their entire adult lives serving this country and in my opinion thats remarkably respectable. i read on the blog of a friend who supports obama recently that she believed regardless of the outcome our country is still better for [obamas] presence in the political world. i feel completely the same way about senator mccain. this nation is a better place because of his life long commitment to patriotism. he may not be my president in the morning. but im proud to say that he did get my vote.


Nikki said...

I woke up to sad news this morning after refusing to watch the coverage last night...McCain had my vote as well. I might have to move to Sweden now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking it so well. You noticed that I gave McCain props for a most excellent concession speech. I really do admire the man, and in the end, he returned to the great man he used to be. I think that McCain,the honorable hero, was surrounded by people who did not have his best interests at heart. Trust me, I think that it will be okay. Really. Loved the pumpkin costume. Wasn't that Kennedy's?

Glad you FINALLY get to live close to your bro. Hugs and kisses. Me.