Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 years. 2 months..

and 2 days shy of 2 weeks.. guess what kp2 did? number 2 in the potty!!! so exciting! he has also completed number 1 two different times today for a total of 3 successful bathroom trips! not sure if this potty training genius will last.. especially since weve never even talked about potty training other than him 'watching' everyone else in the house. this was completely his idea. we dont have pull ups. or underwear. or a potty. or a step stool. guess i need to do a little potty shopping!

so.. in honor of korbs first day of potty training.. i want to remember a few other things he's said and done lately. wow. he is a HANDFUL to say the least. he cracks me up EVERYDAY! and even tho this stage is definitely the most work yet. i dont want to forget a minute of it.

he says the most random witty things.
  • he left one of his favorite books within james' reach last week. when he found james tearing it up i heard him say, "nice job, james. nice job."
  • last friday when i went to get him out of his bed in the morning.. the first thing out of his mouth was - "i want white donuts."
  • one day last week maddie and gracy were arguing over a toy. g started to whine. then i heard korb say.. "gacy, youre being widiculous"
  • on saturday while playing in the front yard at dalton's new house he heard the neighbors air conditioner come on. "dont worry, dalton's nana" he said, "its just a compressor"
  • and this morning.. after dropping a toy loudly on the wood floor he looked at me and said "that scared me out of the crap" clearly he meant that it scared the crap out of him. not sure if thats an approved phrase yet.. but it definitely made me laugh out loud.

he breaks something different everyday. most recently, the light switch cover in the playroom. whacked it with a golf club... can you say destructive?

he CANNOT get enough of reading books. he doesnt care if its the same book over and over.. or one he's never seen before. he is also completely indifferent as to who reads it.. if you look like you know how to read - he will climb up in your lap. last night, he read a book with kenny painter. so sad i didnt get a picture!

he is a self-proclaimed yeftie (leftie-still working on the L sound in the beginning of words). and we (along with his pediatrician) dont see that changing.

he is definitely into music. and he wants to yisten to it youd.. wonder where he gets that.

he is so excited about daltons new house.. and he YOVES baby macy.

im sure there are tons of new things im forgetting.. it seems like thats easy to do when you spend all day hanging out with him and his friends. fun. fun. fun. thats the best way i can describe him right now. so much fun!

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