Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NO amount of money..

whats the magic $number$ ...that would get that guy in YOUR belly? 50 bucks? 100?
it was a quiet night in mckinney.. about a week ago. we were having dinner with the mincheys and kenny painter.
weve been trying to make a habit of getting together every other month or so. kenny gets a little taste of family life, ya know, kids running around.. nika looking for scraps. we get to hear his latest travel adventures. a little vicarious living. all while feasting on what ever derek thoughtfully prepares and enjoying each others company. and tho these get togethers almost always take place on a school night {its hard to book kenny on the weekend} we usually put the kids to bed and stay up til 11ish. party!
so. back to last weeks dinner. the food was great. fajitas! a fitting mexican dish to eat while we heard a few stories of kenny's recent trip to oaxaca. where he purchased that lovely bottle of mezcal. we talked about baby minchey. korb took kenny to see the newly remodeled game room. kennedy amazed him with her 3rd grade math skills. and after they got into their pjs and uncle kp read baby kp a book. they went to bed. and we.....
well the truth is.. we played guitar hero. and looked at a beautiful photobook nicole just finished with pics from their honeymoon to italy. and we learned that dereks favorite band, of all times, is journey. {im sure he's gonna love that being broadcast on the www} and i almost forgot about the riveting conversation about gas prices and futures contracts. very exciting stuff! what can i say. we are getting old. but we always have a great time together!!! around 11, kyle decided it was time to go. as we were gathering our things i heard kenny say, "hey kyle. how much money would it take to get you to eat the worm in the bottle of mezcal." his reply, "no amount of money." the conversation that followed went something like this.
kenny: how about $250?
kyle: ok.
kenny: no. thats too much.
kyle: awesome. it was great to see you...
kenny: how about $150?
kyle: ok.
wait. what happened to 'no amount of money...'
i think they call that the give me my money dance.
and then we called it a night. myth says that the worm contains hallucinogens or aphrodisiac properties. we wouldnt know. after 'the dance' we loaded up in our tahoe. and went home. dont worry i drove, just in case. ;) we were all asleep within 20 min. im pretty sure the people of oaxaca would consider that a waste. but $150 richer.. i think kp would disagree! thanks for a fun night guys! cant wait til next time!!!

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Amy said...

Funny story!!! NO AMOUNT OF $$ and I'm stickin too it!!!!:)