Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a week in the life..

it has honestly taken 3 days to catch up on 4 days of FUN! it all started last wednesday.. i was chatting over email with a couple of girlfriends about the girls dinner we were planning for thursday night. just working out the details of where and what time.. my friend erin was bragging about her concert tickets that night and i couldnt help but be a little jealous! so, i strolled by craigslist after our chat to find someone desperate to get rid of their tickets for the show that same night.. called kp at work.. scrambled to find a sitter.. and tada - coldplay. on a random wednesday night in dallas. thanks carters and mincheys for tag-team-babysitting the k's!
**clearly i didnt shoot these videos. TGFYT.. {thank God for youtube}

thursday night GNO. the where and what time turned out to be fireside pies at 8PM with 3 of my closest friends.. aka the fab 4. i didnt take my camera.. but nikki snapped a pic to remember the moment. we reminisced a little. talked about each others current events. and took a quick vote that next month {or whenever we get around to seeing each other again} we will be the fab 5! jenny, clear your calendar! LOVE THESE GIRLS!

ok.. lets see. friday night. king tut at the dallas museum of art. the kids spent the evening with their best friends. korb at gracy's and kennedy at kaylee's. thanks reddick's and wolf's! kp and i, along with derek and nicole, met kenny painter and a friend in dallas at the dma to see the king tut exhibit. it was interesting.. the boys loved it. {my favorite part might have been the new dress that kp picked up for me on the way home.} i was almost as bored there as i am re-reading this paragraph! ;) jokes! honey, jokes! after tutankhaman, the boy king.. the 6 of us made our way to the social house in the west village to hang out. what can i say about the rest of the evening. hmmm. not boring!

doesnt kp look completely thrilled to help me try out my new tripod?

saturday morning started early. nicole and i picked korb up from his sleep over around 8:30AM. we had breakfast together. mcdonalds. egg mcmuffin's rock. nicole headed home so that she and baby p could rest up from our long night and prepare for another! korb and i got ready, picked kennedy up, and made it to bexley's 2nd birthday party around 1030AM. so much fun. i CANNOT believe these boys are already two! there is an adorable slide show over on jaime's blog.. if i do say so myself.. if anyone is interested in seeing one sweet little blonde and his best buds! i think this ones my favorite..

that afternoon was spent cleaning casa de palmer. getting ready for the next thing on the agenda.. a going away party for uncle sam. kyle's friend sam.. the best man in our wedding and roommate i stole him away from years ago.. just accepted a position in austin. he is moving this week.. we couldnt let him leave without a proper 'going away' party. complete with about 20-25 guys {and 5 or 6 girls} and one heck of a sing-along in the garage until wee hours of the morning. we are so lucky to have good neighbors! everyone had a blast. we promise the same 'coming home' bash when he makes his way back to dallas. elvis cardwell and all... ;) we will miss you sammy b. we promise to visit lots!

**there were lots of pics taken at the party. kp did the honors. and i havent gotten around to editing them yet. if i find any blog worthy.. or maybe i should say blog appropriate ;) i will post them next week. stay tuned!

rounding out the week.. lazy sunday plus a cowboys win. lazy monday evening. super lazy tuesday evening. and there you have it. a week in the life of team palmer. a crazy week in the life of team palmer. the next 7 days look to be almost as eventful. thanksgiving in east texas.. helping nick and jenny bid farewell to H-TOWN. and a lot of packing and unpacking! bring it on!

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