Friday, May 25, 2007

schools out for summer...

sort of. today is supposed to be kennedy's last day of school - however because of a bad weather day some where along the way, they have to go on tuesday! yuk! i cant imagine how many kids will actually show up but it turns out that my kid wants to go. what a weirdo! anyway.. i was just thinking about how awesome the last day of school always was.. how we looked forward to it forever and then when it finally arrived we were kinda sad not to get to see our friends everyday for 2 1/2 months. so, with that in mind, i guess its pretty smart to go back for one more day. after all, its like having the last day of school all over again. i cannot believe i am the mother of a second grader!?!? how did that happen?

my mom and dad are here for the weekend. nick, jenny & dalton will be here tomorrow afternoon. (minus joey this trip..kyles foot is almost well!) we are going to have a little going away party for kennedy tomorrow. she is leaving to spend the summer with austin next saturday. im not ready. i guess im never really ready. and i guess that i would not be normal if i was... we are going to make the most of our one week of summer together (except for tuesday). we will take lots of pics!

have a great memorial day weekend everyone! if your in the dallas area..try to stay dry! and remember, only water your yard as needed on garbage day.. drought condition, ya know!

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