Tuesday, May 29, 2007

memorial day memories..

we had a great weekend.. despite all the rain. pretty much nothing we planned turned out the way we planned it but we had a good time none the less.

friday was kennedy's last day of school. nana and papa got here thursday evening so they spent most of the day at school with kennedy.. with the exception of a break at lunch time for a trip to chili's and big lots. they went to the awards ceremony in the morning and the pizza party in the afternoon. they seemed to have lots of fun.. after kyle got home from work we made a family trip to the theatre to see Shrek the Third. we really had a good time. korbin was great. he didnt quite understand why we wouldnt share the popcorn with him. but he didnt complain too much about it. just a few minutes into the actual movie he fell asleep. he did not even wake up when we got home. we put him straight to bed.

on saturday we had a lazy morning. mom, dad and kennedy left the house around 930am.. to 'make the rounds' as papa says. they went to the christian book store, target.. im not sure what other stores they visited but they did a lot of window shopping. we had planned to cook burgers and dogs on the grill - however the weather refused to cooperate. so instead we went bowling. kennedy scored 105 on her last round and i got a chicken for the fist time in my life (aka-turkey..3 x's in a row..when kennedy was little she thought the bird that appeared on the screen every time daddy would get a 'turkey' was a chicken..so it just stuck)! im pretty sure we were the superstars! not sure what kp and nick bowled but its not fair to count them as competition since they own their own bowling balls! later that evening we were able to fire up the grill. my dad cooked steaks, mom and kyle made the side dishes and we had a great dinner! dont worry i did contribute to the cooking, sort of. i scooped the bluebell for dessert. maybe the best part.... after everyone was tucked in, kyle and i went to jason and christy's to watch the rampage vs lidell fight. and when that did not last long, some how we got into a fiery debate about catholicism..very random.

sunday morning we went to church with my mom and dad and then stopped by mcalisters deli for lunch. (mostly for the sweet tea) after seeing them off.. we went to our very first naturalization celebration. diego's dad (one of the babies .. not degele) just became an american citizen last week. it was cool to see little diego in his own environment. around 4 we made our way home, got the house ready and had our own little memorial day weekend celebration. during the got the house ready part of our day the little kid was playing outside with one of the neighbor kids. she was on the sidewalk steps using some stencil thing to make designs out of beads-she dropped some- stood up- bent over to look for them-lost her balance and face planted in to the concrete. not good. she skinned her entire nose..and the stencil actually stuck in her forehead. i wish i could show you a picture..but she refuses to let me photograph it. i kinda dont blame her!

monday was spent with team cannon. cash sent korb a text early that morning asking if he could come over and play! they were really cute together. sometimes i forget they are only 9 days apart. cash's new crib is absolutely amazing. congrats amy and brad! if you get an invite definitely go check it out...but be forewarned - it might be hard to come home.

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