Thursday, May 17, 2007

my babies

im feeling like im way far behind on blogging.. not sure why. except that i have lots of pics to share. or maybe i just talk too much...nah that cant be it! anyway. a few posts ago i mentioned taking the little man to see a photographer. here's the story. with their fathers permission..i took all of 'my' babies to be photographed. i met an amazing photographer... on a website that i am a member of.. she agreed to shoot them together and separately for gifts to their moms for mothers day. sort-of a first buddies thing. in the pic they are 5 mo (paula), 7 mo (gracyn), 8 mo (korbin), 9 mo (diego). they are all special to me. i think they will treasure them for ever. i know that i will. they turned out so great!

heres the link to the amazing photographer! she is shooting family portraits for us this weekend ... and we are planning to have her shoot korb, kennedy, and dubs at the end of the summer! i love love love her!!! she is so reasonably priced as well. she makes it possible for everyone to have awesome photos of their families and that makes her so special! she is geniune, talented, personable and generally a joy to be around. i think it goes with out saying that i would highly recommend her... thank you terry!!!

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are great. You are such a wonderful daughter-in-law and wife and mother. My son is very lucky to have you and so are we.