Tuesday, May 15, 2007

our weekend

we had such a great time in childress this weekend with my family!!! ive been looking forward to it for so long.. and im kinda sad its already over! i know your not going to believe this.. but i forgot my camera. jenny had hers.. thanks jenny!

let me see if i can highlight the weekend. nick, jenny and dalton got here around 3 on thursday. korb hadnt been feeling well for a couple of days. just wheezing and chest congestion stuff..so kyle came home early to take him to the pediatrician. he was about 20 minutes late for the appt - so they wouldnt see him. not the best start to the weekend. so we agreed that we would just take his inhaler and if he got worse we would take him to see a dr or to the er in childress. after the last parent picked up their baby..and i was officially off for the weekend, we packed the car and got on the road. we stopped by the pharmacy to pick up the inhaler and korb had a crazy wheezing coughing episode in the car while i ran in the store. by the time i got back to the car kennedy and kyle were completely panicked. we went straight to the children's urgent care. they gave him a nebulizer sp? (breathing treatment machine) to use and finally we were off. at 9pm. not exactly what we had planned.

this pic is from the night before..korb fell asleep while i was on the phone with nick before i could get him to bed..i just thought he looked sweet enough to post
friday morning we spent lots of time watching korbin and dalton play. both my parents had agreed to work that day (they are substitute teachers) not knowing we were coming on thursday but it gave us a chance to recoop from our late arrival. we had lunch at my brothers favorite mexican restaurant and then made our first trip to walmart. the big joke is theres nothing to do in childress except go to walmart.. so we did. a lot. we picked up an entertainment center that my mom had been wanting..kyle and nick spent the rest of the afternoon assembling it. thats how we got kp injury number 1. something to do with the feet and the drill. im not sure how it happened but it whacked his knee and took out a chunk of skin. there was blood. however, the armoire turned out great. i think she was really surprised! all day the boys nap times were completely opposite. korb slept from 930-1100..dalton from 11-1.. korb from 1-3. it was like they needed to be the center of attention..and then one at a time they rested. funny. around dinner time they both decided to make an appearance..so we went out! we had dinner at kbobs. we saw the entire town i think. or at least everyone we had not seen on our initial visit to walmart. kennedy spent the entire day with my cousins children. they are 8 & 9. they went fishing (after i spent 45 minutes straightening her hair) and to a birthday party. my mom and dad gave her a new bike.. but since she wasnt there to try it out..kyle thought he would have a little fun with it. that was kp injury number 2 for the weekend. again..there was blood.
after the boys were in bed.. nick, jenny, kyle and i met up with all of my cousins who were in town. i has been sooooo long since we've all been in one place. as you can see from the pics ... im the only girl. does that explain anything about my personality? we had fun catching up, reminiscing and hanging out. dont worry the cops only came once... and we finished off the night with some allsups stop & go burritos. good times good times. saturday was all about relaxing and recovering. we all took turns napping and hanging out with the babies. we had jt's barbecue sandwiches for lunch.. and planned to cook out for dinner. then came kp injury number 3. he was going out of the sliding glass door on the front porch..trying to keep joey (nick & jenny's dachshund) from getting out when little joey turned into a viscous animal! he bit the top of kyles foot.. it looks like a shark bite! poor nick & jenny were so upset. and poor kyle was so beat up! he still had a day and a half to go!!! we did eventually cook out..after going back to walmart to buy groceries. ~and neosporin and band aids and bactine. kyle and nick tag-teamed the grilling. nick seasoned everything and got it ready. and kyle did the cooking. dont worry he did not burn himself! just as we were finishing dinner around 730pm..someone stopped by to congratulate my dad. he was running for city council and the votes were to be tallied by 8pm. they posted the results a little early and dad won! so exciting! my dad..city council. despite friday nights party! we are so happy for him. we spent the evening with the kids and mom and dad. nick and i did go back to walmart once more for a mothers day card. 5 or 6 trips in 3 days. i told you we went a lot. joey did not take well to punishment..or maybe i should call it banishment. he spent the afternoon/evening in the backyard or crate. and every time we started to feel bad for him he tried to bite someone else. even jenny! we decided he's just stressed from too much travel. another reason nick and jenny need to move to dallas!

sunday morning we all got up and made our way to church. dad preached an awesome sermon about appreciating mothers and all they do for us. he also issued a challenge to all the moms in the congregation. he said that ultimately whether they work or stay home, moms spend most of the time with children during those impressionable first years. and that it is usually mom who plants the seed of christianity. he spoke of how important it is to tell bible stories not just nursery rhymes at home... we cannot depend on sunday school teachers and childrens church to implant those tales into our children. fathers may teach by actions right from wrong and how to be a good person..but its mommy's job to truly teach those things early. and then he said to go out and spend the day blessing your mothers..and being blessed by them. and being thankful if they are still around. and i cried. i love my mom. she is my very best friend. we talk everyday...usually a few times. i dont always agree with her..we dont always see eye to eye. but i do appreciate all that she does for me and my family and i hope that she knows that. it makes me sad that my parents dont have their mothers.. to be blessed by. i know they miss them. i miss them too. someone told me a story this week about friends of theirs who dont celebrate mothers day. they say its a made up holiday.. i say whats the harm. we need more days like mothers day to honor and be blessed by the people who are important to our lives and who we are. its not about the presents. its just about loving our parents ... as long as we can.
not sure which day this pic is from but it is priceless... im sure it will be a family favorite forever.

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