Monday, May 7, 2007

korbin is 8 months old!

well..8 months and 1 week. i cannot believe its been 8 months! korbin is such a sweetheart. tooth number 3 is almost thru..he is sitting on his own and almost crawling.. he says dada - and im pretty sure he means it. he makes all sorts of noises that make us laugh and he cracks himself up all the time too. he is eating baby food with chuncks.. he has overcome his fruit aversion. except for maybe pears. he is also interested in eating just about anything you will share off your plate. his eyes are still crazy change there. i think he might just keep them like daddy. he is still a chubby guy. but so cute! we had portraits made last thursday. i should be able to post a really good pic next week. its hard to keep him still enough to get a good shot at home these days!

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