Tuesday, May 22, 2007

korb update

i usually try to post a korb update when he starts a new month...however he has learned to do so much lately i just couldnt wait to share.

he can crawl!! its official. he can crawl.. on his hands and knees. he has been sort of army crawling or swimming for more than a month now but i have seen him really crawl a dozen times since sunday afternoon. jaime, kennedy and i took korb and bex to the neighborhood pool on sunday. they kicked and splashed in the water for a while and then we decided to sit on a towel and let them play. korbin did not want to just sit so he kept 'leaving'. he usually scoots around on his belly - but i guess the ground being uncomfortable to his stomach was enough motivation to crawl the right way! he has still been scooting around in the playroom on the carpet..but as soon as he gets to the concrete its up on his knees and he is off. so cute.
he is also pulling up on everything. we had to lower his crib last week because he stood up in it! the only pic i could get was with my phone...not the best quality but you get the idea! we have even seen him pull up on one piece of furniture, reach for another, balance between the two and then take steps to the new piece. cruisin.. i dont think it will be long before he will just take off! i cannot believe it!
he just got tooth number 4.. only problem there is they are all on the bottom! maybe he will get some on the top soon! he says ba for bite and there is no doubt that he knows what it means. he is only have 3 or 4 bottles a day now. in the morning when he wakes up.. afternoon nap.. sometimes dinner and bedtime. other than that he'd like to ba anything you will let him. he is eating 3 meals a day. and sometimes snack with sister after school (when he doesnt want naptime bottle).. i dont think we are in any danger of starving him.

he loves to zerbert. he zerberts everything. mostly mommy's shoulder but nothing is off limits. daddy, sister, the sofa, his own arms, other babies, a little beach ball that he likes to play with. its a favorite pass time for sure.
and finally he has learned to clap. he's been doing it for a couple of weeks. when we were in childress for mothers day we took a trip to dairy queen and he clapped in between every bite of ice cream. it was hilarious! i cannot believe its only been two weeks since my last korb update. he is growing up so fast!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't he the most beautiful and talented baby in the world. I love bing able to see theses pictures and keep up with his growing and it makes me wish we were closer so I could see him everyday. Love you and Kennedy.....Granny