Thursday, January 14, 2010

im gonna need a list! and i looooooooooove lists

motivation! that’s what i need.. and i think i found it. i just reread this post from this time last year and laughed out loud. at myself.. love it. =) déjà vu. life is so cyclical, isnt it?? anyway, im not sure i actually dedicated a post to half the things on that list but just reading the list sparked memories from each event and thats what its all about, right?? so here goes.. all the things i would like to blog about and probably wont get to half.

• i have adorable pictures from korb, kennedy and macy's birthday parties in the fall that i must share!
• we spent most of thanksgiving week in childress with all the little shoffner grandkids.. but not before we anniversaried a little garage party with the shoffners and the mincheys. its officially a family tradition that we will have to keep up.. and perhaps my favorite part of thanksgiving week. =)
• while we were home for the holiday we took the kids to see santa and then on the annual childress treasure hunt. it was cold out. kp didnt get it. =)
• in early december we spent a weekend in ft worth like we have every year that weve known each other. pat green wasnt there. =( but we had a great time anyway!
• the ugly sweater party was a huge success. again. =)
• kennedy spent the christmas holiday with her other family. that always makes it hard for me to get in the spirit.. so i pretty much did all my shopping on christmas eve. but only because i couldnt put it off another day, or might have. we had a wonderful afternoon/evening with my parents, brother and sister in law. and then another grand celebration at kp's nana's house in grand prairie on christmas day.
• i did do a little shopping before the holiday.. choosing a new truck for kp! i think he loves it.
• somehow i convinced the love of my life to remodel our kitchen during our vacation week together between christmas and new years... 'we have a whole week off!  we can knock out the whole project quickly!' i will let you know when its finished. ;) hmmm..what will i want him to remodel next new year??
• due to the kitchen remodel.. we celebrated nye at the mincheys. i thought i would be sad about the change of venue but it worked out fine and we had a wonderful time!
• this list isnt nearly as witty as last years. =)
• kp and i saw REK at the HOB and it was AWESOME!
• the cowboys won a play off game!
• i turned 33 and my sweet friend alyson welcomed a precious baby boy on 01.11.10 quite possibly the coolest birthday of all times. {it even beats 1.11.77, i must say, but i think its a tie with kyles birthday 4.7.74. numbers are cool.}

i think thats about it.. actually, im sure i missed something.  but thats the point isnt it? old habits die hard. we will see if i can get back on track this year.


Unknown said...

Sounds like life has been good since you've blogged last! Spending it with family is always good. I wish I would have known you guys were at the treasure hunt at Thanksgiving. We were very first in line to see Santa. (you so coulda cut!) LOL! I'm glad you did an update. Now let's see how many of these posts you get done because you should see my dashboard and all of the planned posts!

Amy said...

YAY! An update! But, I don't see any pictures of those sweet kids OR of the new kitchen! I GOTTA see!

Glad you all are doing well. It seems so strange that we seem to always be in the same place at the same time and have never really met! We were at the treasure hunt, too! Kooper won a writing contest at school so HE lit the park lights that night! MAN! So close, yet so far away!! That song brings back memories! Anyhow, seems I might be rambling.

Anonymous said...

As always, your life sounds so full. I envy that about you. You have so many friends around you, and your family nearby. Cannot wait to see the new kitchen. I hope that 2010 is a wonderful year for the whole family.