Monday, January 25, 2010

a little he said/she said..

a few korb funnies that i dont want to forget too soon..

after searching for what seems like DAYS for the lock kp keeps in his gym bag for the locker room, korb and i had this hilarious conversation..
mommy:  KORB - where is that lock??  think hard buddy! where did you put it?
korb:  im not sure mommy.
mommy:  did you hide the lock?
korb:  {looking puzzled that i would EVEN SUGGEST hiding the lock} uuuuhh.. no.  it isnt BROKEN.

LOL.. oh i see.  he only hides things he breaks.. note to self. =)

while being super lazy at nana and papa's over thanksgiving break.. i heard this conversation between korb and daddy.
daddy:  korb, can i have your loooooooooong cool hair?
korb:  {giving daddy that look.}  its attached.
daddy:  {giggling} OH. well, then, how do i get my hair to be long and cool like yours?
korb:  {shrugging shoulders} you just have to grow it.  like a plant. 

LOL!  like a plant? too funny.  and since november chia-kp has been growing his hair.. like a plant.. =)  i would love to post a picture - but he wont let me near him with the camera.  maybe next month.

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