Friday, January 22, 2010

my new kitchen!

all i wanted for christmas last year was a NEW kitchen!!  thats not too much to ask for, is it?  well.. not NEW exactly.  i really just wanted to paint the cabinets.  but the icky countertops didnt do them justice so for my birthday - you guessed it.. new countertops!!  the best part is that we did all the work ourselves {with the help of our closest friends of course!  thanks carters, mincheys & randy!} if i can just talk him into a new oven and microwave for valentines day it will be complete!!  =)  the before pics are REALLY old.. like summer-2005-when-we-first-bought-the house-old but we hadnt really change anything since then.  except the fridge and the diswasher.. not even those horrible grapes that we said would be the first thing to go!  4.5 years later.. =) check it out!!

i must admit that ive been begging kp to help me paint the cabinets for years.. YEARS I TELL YA!  but it wasnt until i shared this link to my bloggy buddy's new kitchen that he agreed that he would do it.  thanks amy horton!  love ya!!

with the new appliances! LOVE IT!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I am so jealous. What kind of tile did you use for the countertops?

Amy said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! I think the black just makes it looks so chic and modern! Also think that paint color is fantastic! What color is it?? I want to paint a desk that I picked up at a yard sale and want an orangish red color!

I know you must LOVE the new digs!!:)