Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a little he said/she said..

a conversation between kennedy and daddy this week..

kennedy:  wanna hear my new favorite saying?  no chiz.
kyle:  why would you ever say that?  like youre trying to think of a new word for S%&T?
kennedy:  no dad.  its just funny.  they say it on iCarly. 
kyle:  in what context?
kennedy:  well.. like if someone says something obvious then the girls say NO CHIZ..
kyle:  yea.. youre not allowed to say that. ever. k?

glad we cleared that up.  iCarly.. who writes this stuff? =)


Unknown said...

um, yeah. my kids too. the boy also tries to say Sugar Honey Ice Tea to get around getting in trouble.

Amy said...

OMG!!!!! Kenna Mae said that the other day!!!LOL! When I asked her what it meant she said,"I don't know, carli says it!!" OMG! I had no idea that's what it meant!!! I did, however, feel like it sounded really stupid so I told her not to say it again!!:) Why do I let her watch this stuff! LOL!