Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dear blogland..

hi... ive missed you! i have tons of big things to tell you about. new years, christmas, pat.. hey even thanksgiving. and lots of everyday things.. little things, if you will.. that i want to share, mostly so that i dont forget them. and you know what that means.. i need a list. ;) and if im being honest, i havent even started the posts about at least 10 things that i want to blog about. so it could be awhile before they are complete and i feel caught up but i will get there. if ive learned anything from blogging hiatuses its that you have to just jump right back in. and today, im jumping.. and when i get around to it, im going to tell you a few stories about:

  • our thanksgiving adventure.. it seems like years ago, that crazy weekend when we helped nick and jenny move. not sure how im going to blog about all the now infamous one-liner's marked that weekend out of sheer tired-goofiness without completely offending anyone. hmm.. and i have adorable pictures of korb and his grandpa on the kabota that i NEED to share.
  • our annual pat green weekend... the first time EVER in 9 years and 3 months that the little kid has found herself speechless. thats something i definitely dont want to forget. :)
  • our christmas celebrations.. with both sides of the family. precious memories.
  • i HAVE to borrow a video camera from someone before korb forgets how to recite twas the night before christmas. im not sure it will have the same charm next year when hes 3 as it does coming out of his sweet little 2 year old mouth.
  • the annual NYE party.. it was the 5th new year kp and i have rang in together. the 4th in this house! the gathering was quaint, intimate, cold. and some how turned out to be just the og usual suspects. cant remember the last time that happened...
  • oh.. and i bet you were wondering about that heat wave that came thru. that was me. i prayed, God answered. and the total FROZEN tundra that was the metroplex on monday the 5th.. yea, that was God saying, 'enough already, fix the stupid heater in your house. i cant keep it unseasonable warm forever.'
  • and remember this old post.. well, i have another dirk & steve story. and it doesnt quite have the same feel-good-happy-ending... i had to wait a bit to tell it. until some of the emotional pain had past for kp. ;)
  • there will be an unveiling of my new and improved playroom... as soon as its finished. which could be any day now. or it could be next month. depending on how much more stuff we decide to do. and this awesome chair i scored on craigslist! love it! bye bye squeaking rocking chair. hello adorable plaid scottish antique-ish rocking chair!
  • along with that.. theres the story of squashed high hopes of moving straight down the hall and continuing the festivities of 'baby-remodel' in my kitchen. {you know exactly what i mean by baby-remodel. not completely remodel just paint and change a few things.. like a weekend project.. that actually takes a month.. and causes your husband to give you that look when you ask too soon to do another project. you have to wait for the memory of the pain to fade. kinda like child birth.. only for boys. last night i dreamed that kp shot me with a nail gun. love you, honey.}
  • third grade is flying by and my little girl scout will be starting her first ever cookie sale this weekend. wait til you hear which prize she is shooting for.
  • playoffs. are you kidding me? dont talk about playoffs.
  • and finally.. my second annual birthday-resolutions and things i learned at 31. maybe i will do that first.

wow, thats a lot of stuff! but at least ive broken the ice.. im back people! maybe youve missed me as much as ive missed you.. or maybe this is a one-sided blog affair. the traditional lack of comments speaks to the latter. but google analytics says you visit.. even if you dont comment. and thats fine with me. im not much of a commenter either. and either way, it makes me happy, this little blog. and im sorry ive neglected it. things have been a little crazy around here lately. its time to get back to routine.. and that includes putting away the laundry instead of leaving it in piles of HIS and HERS and hers and his. cleaning the floors EVERY week.. and blogging. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad you're blogging again. I've missed reading you, but I know it wasn't the best time for updates.

So things are good now???

By the way, why am I not listed as one of your readers when I read you pretty much every day? What's up with that? Where's the love?

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's.

Love you, me.

The Vannoy Family said...

We've missed you! Glad things are getting back to normal (What is normal??)

Amy said...

Can't wait to read all about it!!

Glad you're back!:)

Jammi Palmer said...

thanks for all the love guys! why do comments make you so happy??? its unexplainable, but true!


Unknown said...

Welcome Back! SOOO glad you're back. Even though I see you and talk to you in "real" life all the time. I have certainly missed you in blogland. Maybe I will "jump back in" myself one of these days soon. Love you!