Monday, January 26, 2009

christmas 2008..

ok.. christmas 2008 revisited. christmas was full of family and celebration for us this year. we actually celebrated with my family on christmas eve AND kp's family on christmas day AND had our own little celebration the following week when kennedy got home from her CA.

at my brothers house on christmas eve the boys opened a HUGE bag of goodies from nana and papa.. and somehow i never got out my camera! they had so much fun.. and i think it was the first time my brother's family and my family {except kenners of course} have been together with my mom and dad EVER. that was a gift in itself. and the best gift of all? right there in her mommy's arms. love you mace!

on christmas day we drove to grand praire to spend the day with all of kyle's family. it was a wonderful day. the weather was amazing.. the house was full of family.. and i took lots of pictures. of the kids. :)

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and when the 29th rolled around and kennedy finally made it home.. i didnt take lots of pictures. hmm.. not sure how that happened. she was VERY excited about guitar hero world tour.

the little man got more hot wheels and hot wheels stuff than he knew what to do with!

kp got tiger woods 09. and he got a fancy new razor.. i think he loves it. its not quite as fancy as my new miracle working CHI that they got for me!!! its some kinda wonderful! and its not quite as stylish as the awesome camera strap he ordered for me from this sweet online store. dont you just love it when they pay attention?! thank you honey!

all in all christmas 2008 was really good... it came and went so quickly! and maybe before feb 1st i will get the tree back in the attic. thats the goal anyway... we all need goals. ;)

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